Death toll rises as riots erupt in South Africa over jailing of ex-president Jacob Zuma
The South African army was deployed on Monday after deadly riots broke out, in which at least 45 people have died, in the country’s provinces of KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng, the latter of which...
SU Officers join calls for action to be taken over Walley’s Quarry ‘environmental disaster’
The Keele Students' Union and Postgraduate Association joined calls for Walleys Quarry to stop dumping 'stinking' materials that have plagued the lives of people in Newcastle-under-Lyme for months...
Brilliantly Blue: A Review of Wolf Alice’s Blue Weekend
Just when music in 2021 couldn’t get any better, Wolf Alice blessed our ears with another fantastic album. If you read my previous article on the best albums of 2021 so far, then consider this a...
Opinion: ‘Build Back Better World’ (B3W): The West’s official plan to rival China?
£28 trillion ($40 trillion). That is the cost of the gap in infrastructure between the developed and developing world, according to the Biden White House. After over a year of mostly virtual...
Opinion: Anyone can say the Pledge of Allegiance – just not in Arabic
Note: The Pledge of Allegiance is a statement often recited in the United States to express allegiance to the country’s flag and values. The current pledge reads: ‘I pledge allegiance to the flag of...

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