The Great Gatsby: Wild Nights, Green Lights and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Bitter Indictment of the American Dream
The Great Gatsby fell into obscurity almost as soon as it appeared. Published in 1925 to poor reviews and even poorer sales, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s idiosyncratic take on the Roaring Twenties – and...
The Twilight Zone (2019) Review: An Admirable Effort That Doesn’t Quite Hit The Mark
A race of aliens and their suspicious cookbooks. A gremlin wreaking havoc on the wing of a plane. A clown, a homeless man, a ballet dancer, a bagpiper, and an army officer trapped inside a giant...
An Analysis of the 2020 Thailand Protests
It has been a tough year for everyone around the world, not just in terms of the pandemic but also in terms of lifestyles and political affairs. Thailand is no different, as the ‘land of smile’ is...
Decorating Your Student House For Halloween

With Halloween looking very different for all of us this year, transforming your student flat into the haunted house of your nightmares might be a high priority. So here are our top tips for making your flat a spooky student setup 

Newcastle Borough to have no further restrictions following Stoke-on-Trent Tier 2 announcement.

This afternoon, Health secretary Matt Hancock has announced that Stoke-on-Trent will be entering Tier two from Friday. This will leave Newcastle Borough sandwiched between two local authorities with higher levels of restrictions. 

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