A bit about Keele Concourse

Established in 1964,

Concourse has always been one of the key sources of media on campus and run entirely by students in association with the Students Union. 


The very first publication in 1964 (pictured left) set a precedent of high quality journalism across campus which we aspire to continue today.  Half a century worth of publication has positioned us as one of the longest standing university newspapers in the UK, a status we strive to continue to hold. As a blend between a public news source and a university society, this means the entire editorial team and all committee members are selected by Concourse members, with formal elections and manifestos. Similarly, the society aspect encompass a sense of democracy and equality among all team members.


While our founders in 1964 established a successful system, from which we intend to follow suit, we of course have to adapt to a technological revolution that they were yet to experience. We are lucky to have this incredible website where we can put our focus regarding publication; continuing their legacy as a highly renowned news source, while adapting to our own cultural climate