*Warning – Spoilers for Married at First Sight Australia’s Season 6 Below*

MAFS has dominated E4’s weeknights for the last few weeks. With the episodes on the couples final vows airing in the UK last week it got me and my mum (who obsessively watched it with me) wondering what these people – that we’d invested over 40 hours of watching into – are doing now. Who’s still together? Who’s become an Instagram influencer? And more importantly is there still beef? Since the series originally aired in Australia in 2019 and was apparently filmed in 2018, the stars have been up to a lot since then. 


The Experts

John Aiken

John is MAFS’ Relationship Expert. However, according to his instagram bio he’s not just a one trick pony. He’s also a Speaker and Author. John is still on MAFS Australia however, there are some reports he may not be coming back after the toll of the season that has just aired in Australia. He also has his own website. 


Mel Schilling

Mel is also a Relationship Expert on the show as well as being a Confidence Coach, Speaker and Author. She’s based in Melbourne and is still on Married at First Sight and recently posted about the return of the series airing in Australia. She also posts tips for dating in her Friday Flirtation Posts. 


Dr Trisha Stratford

Dr Trisha’s Instagram is a little less professional than Mel and John’s but it’s got a really nice vibe to it and she posts some beautiful photos. She grows mandarins in her garden, enjoys biking and seems to live in beautiful New Zealand. However, couples in the later seasons won’t be getting Dr Stratford’s help as she left the show in 2019. 


The Couples

Cam and Jules

The couple that possibly made all of us believe in love again their only icy moment was that awkward moment after Cam beat Jules in clay pigeon and I tensed for the few minutes before they were able to laugh about it. They were the series power couple, with all the other couples obviously wondering what the secret was to their blissful happiness. Well they’re still happy and they’re still together. After Cam proposed during their final vows they were married in December 2019 with Heidi as one of Jules’ bridesmaids. One month later they were pregnant! Jules glowed during her pregnancy and they welcomed baby Oliver in October 2020. Just look at the adorable family photo she posted recently! Cam is Mental Health advocate recently posting about preventing youth suicide. 


Michael and Martha 


Ex-PE teacher Michael is now a Personal Trainer and seems far from the quiet persona he was portrayed as in the show. His instagram shows him as opinionated and giving out “just facts”. Martha is now a tiktok star and Instagram Influencer. Apparently the Bondi-Melbourne debate was won by Martha and they now live in Bondi Beach. Oh and also they’re both blonde now.


The Brides

Jessika Power 


Jessika is now a model and dating Nutrition Ambassador, Recording Artist and Youtube star (according to Instagram) Filip Poznanovic. She also still remembers Mike’s final dinner party parting argument by owning the “trout pout” comment in a post from the 18th February. She was vilanised on the last few weeks of the show, rightly or wrongly but she talks openly about her issues with body confidence. She did end up moving to the Gold Coast, but not with fellow MAFS star Dan. 


Tamara Joy

After joining the show a few weeks later in a new twist, Tamara was married to the aforementioned Dan. No prizes for guessing how that turned out. She lives in Mermaid Beach (how the other side of the world lives hey). She’s an influencer by the looks of things but still single with a lingerie post on Valentine’s Day captioned with “I am ready for Valentine’s Day *Red Heart Emoji* Just need to find a Valentine”. 


Heidi Latcham 


Heidi is an ambassador for “Inclusive Kids”,a charity organisation that supports disadvantaged children, a radio DJ and a fitness trainer. Heidi and Mike genuinely seemed like they wanted to be together but in the end somethings aren’t meant to be. Heidi appears to be single according to Instagram but she looks happy and that’s all that matters. 


Lauren Huntriss 

Lauren was kind to her husband Matt but their sexual lifestyles didn’t exactly match when she mentioned the possibility of threesomes and swinging. Things went from awkward to downright awful when Lauren overheard Matt say he wasn’t sexually attracted to her to the group. Lauren seems happy, hanging out with friends and promoting body positivity. 


Elizabeth Sobinoff

Elizabeth was “Living Life” after finding love on the next season of MAFS but her and her new boyfriend split in January. Elizabeth also looks quite a lot different than she did in season 6 and recently opened up about being body shamed and previously being “heavily medicated”. One thing we can say about Elizabeth is that she is still that strong confident woman that dealt with some poor behaviour from husband Sam better than most of us could. 


Susie Bradley


Who could forget Susie? Despite entering the show late and leaving only a few weeks later, Susie left her mark with expert John effectively telling her to shut up in the first commitment ceremony. But she’s taken a break from social media according to sources but she is expecting a baby with Australian Rugby star boyfriend, so Susie’s daughter Baby is expecting a younger brother. Susie is a Cosmetic Injector and still is Instagram active through her business account.


Ines Basic

Before Jess hooked up with Dan and Susie and Billy were in that terrible marriage, there was Ines. She was portrayed as a cheater and judged husband Bronson hard from the moment she met him. I mean at least she knew what she wanted and went for it? She is now an ambassador for a charity organisation that helps Bosnian children in poverty and is starting a business in March. By the looks of it she is single but has a very cute dog called Carlos. 


Ning Surasiang


Ning is now a grandmother after her eldest daughter gave birth earlier this year. She is soon launching a business based on her most relatable line from the show where she declared she was “just here for the food” and is still a hairdresser. Ning is dating a guy called Kane, he has a private instagram account (which I accidentally requested to follow whilst searching). 


Cyrell Jimenez

Ah Cyrell, said what we were thinking and had that very opinionated brother. Hilariously she has her MAFS nickname “Cyclone Cyrell” in her bio. Cyrell is with Love Island Australia’s Ethan Dally and they have a one year-old! At their son’s first birthday party Billy and Elizabeth were in attendance. She recently stated she has only enhanced her great qualities and is embracing them “flaws and all”. 


Melissa Lucarelli

Mel is a ‘public figure’ and lives in Sydney. She appears to be single. Unfortunately, she recently shared that her father has cancer and stressed the need for early detection. We wish Melissa and her family the best. In happier news she has apparently been feeling the love from UK fans in the last few weeks. 


The Grooms 

Mick Gould

Mick, so laid back but who’s heart couldn’t break when Jess and Dan’s betrayal was revealed and Mick was so visibly upset. Mick’s instagram bio declares him a fashion model but it’s quite clear he’s still living on a farm. He’s currently with Student Resident Nurse Kayla who seems as into animals as he does! 


Dan Webb 

Dan is still living on the Gold Coast with his son and his girlfriend Mira alongside his son Bronson. Dan frequently refers back to his time on MAFS. Jess and Dan split after cheating rumours. 


Mike Gunner 

Mike is currently dating Sonja Marcelline, an American in Australia. Mike recently posted a kind post to his girlfriend saying kind words about how they understand each other. However, the Sun then wrote an article about how this was a dig at Heidi which Mike firmly denies. Mike says that his MAFS experience made him a better man, a post with supportive comments from fellow co-stars Dan and Dino. 


Matthew Bennett


Ok I can’t be the only one cringing at the amount of times Matt was referred to as a virgin as essentially a prefix to his name can I? I understand it was an important element to his journey and relationship with Lauren but still. Matt is a “Filmmaker, Food Lover, Fitness Enthusiast, Fear Facer” and has his own Youtube Channel. Matt is now with Bela and he even has a story ‘Highlights’ section about their relationship called “Couple Goals” (AWW).  


Sam Ball 

Sam caught Ines’ eye from the first dinner party but they didn’t even make it off the show as a couple. He is a “Public Figure” and spends a lot of time in the gym. He seems to be single. 


Billy Vincent 


Billy is also a Public Figure and appears to be single but there are reports he is dating someone after a catfishing incident gone well? Billy posts modelling shots and still talks about his MAFS fame. However, Billy isn’t as active on social media as the rest of the cast but despite only briefly meeting on the reunion dinners in season 6 Elizabeth commented on his latest post. 


Bronson Norrish


Bronson still has his Boat/Ferry company and is dating a woman called Hayley. He’s recently been in an argument of sorts with the Australian Government over apparent ‘bullying tactics’ surrounding his boat business. Bronson was also on Ninja Warrior in 2018. 


Mark Scrivens


Mark is currently dating girlfriend Bianca. He still hangs out with co-star Nic and spends a lot of time adventuring in beautiful parts of Australia. Apparently Ning and Mark are on friendly terms which is so nice to hear!


Nic Jovanovic


Nic is still single and looking for a wife according to a cute post from November 2020. Nic spends a lot of time in the gym and still has his dog who’s butt Cyrell had to clean. 


Dino Hira

So through my research I noticed that Dino is a loyal friend to most of these guys, commenting supportive messages on a lot of their posts. Dino is still into his mediation and now runs detox divorce retreats by the looks of it. He appears to be single.