I think I was six years old when I first watched Friends. My grandad and I watched it one afternoon and from then on I was hooked. The picture above is still the screensaver on my old laptop from middle school. As I sit and write this I have eight Friends themed items in my sight. Slightly sad? Possibly. Actually, now that I look properly, I missed the seven books I have on my shelf. This is getting worse, I’m going to stop counting. What I’m trying to say is I’m a bit of a fan. 


So, when the rumours of a possible reunion started to circulate a few years ago I was excited, but concerned. The show that defined my childhood could be producing new episodes. That should be exciting, but I was obviously concerned that it would be a disappointment or, worse, ruin the original show. 


Then last year, pre-pandemic (an age ago), the reunion was confirmed and a lot of people got excited. And then Covid-19 ruined everything. However, has the delay got fans more excited than before? Jennifer Anniston seems to think so. And as my childhood idol I think I’ll take her word for this one. 


And then the picture that covered my Facebook page last week was revealed: 


Which is eerily similar to this image from 2004 when the show ended its 10 season run.

The day 27th May is now stamped in my head as I await the reunion with bated breath. Then today my aunt asked if it would be available in the UK at the same time as the US and I thought, knowing our luck, no. I’m not sure why American TV series are broadcasted in the UK so much later than the US, probably something to do with legal rights, but it is annoying when it is almost impossible to not come across spoilers for episodes that are not even scheduled in the UK yet. And this is probably what will happen here. There is no confirmation of the release date in the UK or which channel it will be on, but reports are saying that Sky is the most likely broadcaster, so if you don’t have that channel you may miss out there too.