With Halloween looking very different for all of us this year, transforming your student flat into the haunted house of your nightmares might be a high priority. So here are our top tips for making your flat a spooky student setup 

Things to consider before you start: 

Is everyone in your house happy to do this? 

Whilst you might be ready to spook up your life but other people you live with might not be comfortable with the idea of Halloween or might not want the house decorated and you should respect this. Ask them what they feel comfortable with and you can always just decorate your room. 

Make sure anything you use isn’t going to damage the house. 

The last thing you want is to come to the end of your tenancy and the marks and stains from your halloween celebrations are still evident on the wall, making your deposit even harder to get back than it already is. 

Communicate with your housemates about who is doing what and where you’re going to put things before you buy them

You don’t want to be stuck with 50 halloween themed balloons and run out of room for them and end up putting Santa hats on them. 

Here are our top tips to decorating for halloween 

  1. Grab some LED candles (because having normal candles are probably against your tenancy). These will create a spooky, gothic feel in the room. You could also consider some Halloween Fairy Lights.
  2. Spend an afternoon Pumpkin Carving! It’s a good laugh and they work as decorations too. Also there are many recipes online to use the inside of a pumpkin for so there’s little waste. Don’t buy them too early though because pumpkins decay easily and they have a strong odour that may not be pleasant to live with.
  3. You could buy some Fake Spider Webs to go in the windows or around door frames. They have a tendency to stick to you though so be careful about how many places you put it. After Halloween is over and you’re ready to decorate for Christmas (i.e. November 1st) you can try reusing the cobwebs as snow.
  4. Make some Spooky Snacks and Bakes. BBC GoodFood has some good Halloween themed bakes but if you’re not that confident in your baking ability or don’t want to splash out on ingredients that you may use once and then they’ll go out of date, buy some plain cupcakes or cookies and just decorate them.
  5. Make some Bin-bag Bats. Use bin bags to cut out some outlines of bats for some shadow silhouettes that will easily stick to the wall with static so no marks to the wall and you can keep your deposit!


I hope these tips come in useful and Happy Halloween Keele!