A blanket by-election organised by the SU has saved a large number of clubs and societies from inactivity next year.

Elections for all club and society committees had taken place in May, but few students nominated themselves and interest in the process was relatively low. Around 49% of societies and 25% of clubs did not meet the criteria for re-affiliation by the end of the May elections. More than eighty societies were on track to fold because there were simply not enough people to run them.

The recent by-elections were called by the SU almost immediately after voting closed in the May elections with the goal of filling as many empty committee positions as possible. In order to make the process easier, the SU lowered the requirements necessary to remain affiliated; for example, only two of the three executive positions (President, Secretary, and Treasurer) needed to be filled. Students could nominate themselves anytime between 17th May and 1st June, and voting was open from 3rd – 8th June.

As the official results indicate, a large share of the open positions have been filled and most of the previously at-risk groups now have enough committee members to remain active during the next academic year. In the case of Concourse, every available position will be filled for the 2021/22 academic year, the first time this has happened for at least a few years. A total of 221 students were elected in the by-elections, according to the SU.

All newly-elected committee members will take over their roles on 1st August.