The 2022/23 SU full-time officer team was unveiled last night in the Squirrel.

Dan Lay, Tom Guilbert-Newell, and Jack Medlin were re-elected as Welfare and Diversity Officer, Activities and Community Officer, and Education Officer. Jade Cioffi ran unopposed and was elected Union Development and Democracy Officer, while Maisie Glock defeated two other candidates to win election as the new Athletic Union and Sport Officer. In addition to Welfare and Diversity Officer, Dan Lay was the only candidate to stand for NUS Delegate and was successfully elected.

The newly-elected officers will start work on 1st July and their terms will last for twelve months.

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Full results breakdown


Union Development and Democracy Officer

The current UDD Officer, Holly Brooks, was barred from running for re-election as she has already served the maximum two years as a full-time officer.

There were 1600 valid votes cast for this position, and the quota (the minimum number of votes needed to win election) was 830. Jade Cioffi received 1466 votes, easily winning the election. The Re-Open Nominations (RON) option, which students can choose if they dislike all the other candidates, received 167 votes.


Welfare and Diversity Officer

Dan Lay has served as Welfare and Diversity Officer since 2020 and was running for re-election.

Like Jade, Dan ran unopposed. Two candidates had announced their intention to stand but both withdrew before voting opened to students on Wednesday.

There were 1660 total valid votes cast, again with a quota of 830. Dan received 1518 votes and was elected on the first round. RON received 142 votes.


Activities and Community Officer

Four candidates stood for this position: Tom Guilbert-Newell, who was running for re-election; Natalie Hargrave; Rachana Dhaka; and Natasha Dury, in addition to the RON option.

The total number of valid votes was 1773 and the quota in round 1 was 886. In the first round, Tom received 839 votes, Natalie received 527, Rachana received 198, and Natasha received 185. RON, which received 24 votes, was eliminated and the votes redistributed.

In round 2, Tom received 840 votes, Natalie received 528, Rachana received 199, and Natasha received 185. Natasha was subsequently eliminated and her votes redistributed.

The winner was announced in round 3, where the quota had fallen to 804. Natalie received 543 votes and Rachana received 208, but Tom was re-elected with 857 votes.

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Education Officer 

This election was by far the closest. With 1699 valid votes and a quota of 849, the candidates who stood for Education Officer were: Jack Medlin, who was running for re-election; Joseph Gray; Danny Madden; and Maia Beswarick.

In the first round, Jack received 520 votes, Joe received 482, Danny received 354, and Maia received 327. With 16 votes for RON, this option was eliminated and the votes redistributed.

In the second round, Jack received 521 votes, Joe received 484, Danny received 354, and Maia received 328. As a result, Maia was eliminated.

In the third round, the quota fell to 718 votes. Jack received 541, Joe received 518, and Danny received 377. Danny was excluded and his votes redistributed among the remaining candidates.

The winner was finally announced in the fourth round, with Jack securing victory by just 32 votes. With a quota of 582, he received 598 votes while Joe received 566.


Athletic Union and Sport Officer

The current AU Officer, Lucy Whitehouse, did not run for re-election.

Three candidates stood for this position, and 1773 valid votes were cast overall. With a quota of 844 votes, Maisie Glock received 808, David Kinson received 482, and Matthew Meehan received 374. RON was eliminated after receiving 24 votes.

In round 2, Maisie received 809 votes and David received 483. With 374 votes, Matthew was eliminated and his votes redistributed.

With 846 votes, Maisie won the election in the third round after the quota had fallen to 681. David had received 516 votes in this round.


The full results are available here on the KeeleSU website: