Image: Parliament TV

On Friday, Newcastle-under-Lyme MP Aaron Bell became the latest Conservative MP to announce publicly that he has submitted a letter of no confidence in Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

His statement comes after an incredibly turbulent few weeks following the emergence of stories concerning parties held at No. 10 Downing Street. Support for Prime Minister Boris Johnson is dwindling – and fast.

Bell detailed that he has “submitted a letter to Sir Graham Brady requesting a vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson’s leadership.” Such action comes after finding discrepancies in Johnson’s responses at PMQs on January 12th, of which Bell found himself unable to “square the Prime Minister’s words from the despatch box with his previous statements to the House before Christmas.”

Despite being “someone who backed Brexit and Boris Johnson for leadership in 2019,” Bell maintains that he is “profoundly disappointed that it has come to this.” For Bell, what is most significant about his request for a vote of no confidence is “the breach of trust that the events in No 10 Downing Street represents,” combined with “the manner in which they have been handled.” This in turn has made his current position as Prime Minister “untenable.”

Finally, Bell concludes his statement with the following: “I believe it is in the country’s best interests that this matter is resolved as soon as possible.”

At least 54 MPs are required to write to Sir Graham Brady to trigger a vote on the PMs leadership of the party. So far, more than a dozen Conservative MPs are rumoured to have submitted no confidence letters.