Why you should join a sports society at Keele

by | Oct 18, 2020 | Keele Sports, Sport | 0 comments

So, you’re pondering on the thought of joining a sports team at University? Reminiscing on the times of compulsory P.E. lessons in school, watching the kid that is practically Superman captain every team in your year. Luckily at Keele we have a wide range of sports that are not usually offered in typical schools. You can join Hockey, Rugby or Netball ( the more prevalent sports we offer) or you can venture into the sports that gain more attraction at University, such as Korfball, Ultimate Frisbee and even Quidditch.

If you are worried about your own level of ability, you shouldn’t, simply because most teams offer more than one team to cater to all the levels of ability, whilst giving them the opportunity to play competitively. For example, Rugby run 3 teams and a team for touch Rugby, Hockey also offer a Saturday team which involves all levels of players playing together against similar teams. So, there’s no need to be nervous of your own level of ability when there are many in the same position as you.

Most teams offer social events to help you engage with others in your own society, they can vary between drinking events such as dressing up as golfers and going to different pubs in the local town, or charity events like 24-hour cycles where everybody takes on a little bit of the journey whilst helping to raise money for good causes. Don’t be put off by all the stereotypes of “University drinking habits”, even if you don’t drink alcohol, there are “Social secretary’s” in place to make sure that you enjoy your time.

Sports teams are incredible to meet new people and make a great group of friends, you will be able to go out with your friends every Wednesday, planned by your sports team’s committee and  will be invited to special events such as the AU ball and PvP. These events include dressing up and attending a ball with all other sports teams, enjoying a meal with some drinks, whilst PvP is a weekend dedicated to having graduated members of the past teams, returning for a fun filled weekend of events held by the Student Union. 


Another advantage of joining a sports society at Keele would be the possibility to join one of many roles in the committee. There are options to handle your club’s funds as the team’s treasurer, you can become a captain of one of the teams, offering up opportunities to express your leadership qualities and even communicate and solve issues with team members and other teams in your league. Sports societies at Keele are very supportive of charities, therefore, each team has a dedicated Charity secretary who organizes events for their team to participate in and help to raise money for different charities of their choice. Finally, there is the most important role of the Club Captain. This role is incredible to have on a CV, it is the perfect ice breaker because you are responsible for an entire society, meaning you are the epicentre of all information to do with that club and everything must be confirmed by you.

Joining a sports society at Keele can give you everything you need: friends, fun, responsibility, fitness and a much longer list of great qualities that help build you for the world outside of education, whilst having a good time during your years here at Keele.